For many years, Andrew has been a senior media commentator internationally. His public speaking style takes an ‘outside looking in’ approach to business innovation and current topics. Themes are rooted in the question: ‘What Does the Market Want from Us and How Should We Set About Providing It? and ‘How Do We Promote Our Difference?’ Audiences encompass the major digital companies; the oil and gas industry; insurance; and professional bodies such as actuaries, treasurers, and senior female leaders in City corporations.

His speaking engagements have included global offshore oil and gas conferences in the Middle East on themes such as: ‘How Do You Recruit and Retain Talent in a Challenging Marketplace?’

He has addressed the annual meetings of many professional bodies on subjects as provocative as: ‘Stop Looking at Published Forecasts – Turn Around and Look out the Window’.

For the insurance industry, he posed the question: 'Who Thought It Would Be a Good Idea for Insurance Companies to Support Comparison Sites?'

To contact Andrew, email or call +44 (0)7747 837471.