Andrew Garner Associates is an executive search business headquartered in London with a hub called Garner Outgrow in New Delhi serving the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. Its collective global reach and unique experience derive from 35 years of unparalleled geographic and cultural exposure.

Conceptually, executive search hasn’t changed much since the 1940s, when its importance grew in step with increased demand for experienced business leaders. This made it necessary to look for talent beyond the confines of corporations. Yet although executive search has evolved into a complex service requiring comprehensive understanding of clients and the structure of their organisations, strategy and culture, it has lost its way. It goes without saying that today, senior and board-level talent has never been more crucial or in such great demand: the growing BRIC economies are both producing talent and syphoning it out of the OECD. But successful recruitment should not depend on names on databases – in many cases this has given rise to lazy work. Shortlists consisting of ‘who we know’ instead of ‘the best in the world’ are simply not good enough. Moreover, once identified, all shortlisted candidates should be in a position to say ‘yes’, having already confirmed their interest at each stage of the selection process. Executive search is not a beauty parade.

We have a reputation for strong process and eclectic thinking, achieving results previously considered unachievable. We work closely with the boards of FTSE companies, private equity-owned businesses, large privately-owned entities and not-for-profit organisations. Through our research we identify suitable talent for senior and board-level roles, including non-executives – not just those from our database, but also from further afield in order to encompass candidates who previously may not have been visible or eligible.

As the acknowledged experts in the search for diversity in leadership, the candidates we select are proven and capable of adapting to the rapid pace of business transformation; they not only possess the requisite technical expertise, but emotional intelligence too. The pool of experienced and well-educated female talent, for example, is not always immediately visible, so the need for rigorous exploration and investigation requires a search proposition that we are uniquely experienced and qualified to deliver. These processes enable all candidates’ performances to be benchmarked against cultural fit within our clients’ organisations and industries. This is what has built, and sustains, our reputation.

To contact Andrew, email acg@andrew-garner.com or call +44 (0)7747 837471.