In the commoditised market known as ‘headhunting’ it’s not just what we do, but the way we do it:

  • We work only with a limited number of companies.
  • Within each market sector we deal with no more than two companies at a time in order to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Above and beyond the brief, we make a point of spending time with key management so as to acquire deeper understanding of our client companies’ strategy, style and corporate personality.
  • Thirty-plus years of experience in global executive search has given us the understanding and the ‘vocabulary’ to convey an accurate, detailed and compelling story when approaching prospective candidates on behalf of our clients. This enables us to attract the finest talent in the world.
  • The consultant who takes the assignment will be the same person who handles it, rather than a researcher; we recognise that senior management and board members prefer dealing with someone who knows their business intimately.
  • Andrew Garner was rated by the Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the top 100 executive search consultants in the world, one of only six based in the UK.

To contact Andrew, email acg@andrew-garner.com or call +44 (0)7747 837471.